Participants will try out their material in the Workshop before writing their final piece for the Competition. The final work may be substantially similar to the work submitted with the initial application, although it must be longer and will be performed by a slightly larger choir.


Stage 1

Applications must be posted to arrive in Helsinki no later than 31 August 2015. An international panel will select 5 participants from amongst the applications. Applicants will be notified of the results of the initial selection by 30 September 2015.


Stage 2

The Workshop will take place in Helsinki on 25-28 November 2015. There will be five rehearsals with the Helsinki Chamber Choir (3S, 3A, 3T, 3B), as well as feedback sessions with the teachers. The material for this session will consist of the a cappella choral work submitted with the application (copies to be provided by the organisers) plus any additional material the participant wishes to try. The participant is responsible for making available sufficient copies of additional material (at least 15 copies). The organisers will assist in the production of these copies as far as possible.


Stage 3

Following the Workshop, participants are required to submit their completed work for the Competition such that it arrives in Helsinki no later than 31 March 2016. The score may be submitted by post or as a PDF document. The organisers will make copies of the work for the choir and jury. This final work must be for a choir of between 13 and 16 singers (maximum 4 singers each of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses) and 7-10 minutes in duration.


The Competition will take place in Helsinki and Viitasaari from 4-6 July 2016. There will be 1-2 rehearsals, a dress rehearsal and a final concert. The participants are welcome to play an active role in the rehearsals. The dress rehearsal and the concert will be attended by an international jury, which will award the Einojuhani Rautavaara Prize to one of the participants in a ceremony following the final concert.


All works submitted for the final concert must be dedicated to the Helsinki Chamber Choir.