There are no longer binary machines

NeoArte Festival
Sun. 30.10.2022 5 PM
Sala Mieszczańska, Ratusz Staromiejski, Gdańsk, Poland
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Klang Concert Series
Wed. 2.11.2022 7 PM
Paavo Hall, Helsinki Music Centre
Tickets: 20/15/10 € (Ticketmaster)

Helsinki Chamber Choir
NeoQuartet (Poland)
Nils Schweckendiek, conductor

JULIA WOLFE: Guard my tongue
KRZYSZTOF PENDERECKI: String Quartet No.3 "Leaves of an Unwritten Diary" (2008) (NeoQuartet)
BOHDAN SEHIN: Talos (NeoQuartet)
OLLI MOILANEN: New work (premiere)
BALÁZS KECSKÉS D.: Komm (Polish and Finnish premiere)

In performances at the NeoArte Festival in Gdańsk and the Klang concert series at the Helsinki Music Centre, the Helsinki Chamber Choir and NeoQuartet will explore a world in which long-accepted truths can no longer be trusted. From the spiritual music of Ukrainian-born Galina Grigorjeva and Julia Wolfe's post-minimalist exhortation not to bear false witness through the nightmarish visions of Beat Furrer's enigma III, we arrive at Komm, a work by the young Hungarian composer Balázs Kecskés D. exploring new and constantly shifting worldviews and the looming sense of crisis that these can create. Olli Moilanen's new work examines humans' symbiotic relationship with nature and conjures up ways in which we can connect more fundamentally with our environment.