Chamber Concert: Rachmaninov & Rautavaara

Sun 7 May 2017 6.00 pm
St Thomas’ Church, Pihlajatie 16, Helsinki

Varvara Merras-Häyrynen, soprano
Joel Papinoja, piano

Ja ne prorok (op. 21 nro 11)
Pred ikonoj (op. 21 nro 10)
O, ne grusti! (op. 14 nro 8)
Otryvok iz A.Mjusse (op. 21 nro 6)
Zdes horosho (op. 21 nro 7)

EINOJUHANI RAUTAVAARA: Icons (op.6) for piano

Vse otnjal u menja (op. 26 nro 2)
Hristos Voskres (op. 26 nro 6)
K detjam (op. 26 nro 7)
Voskreshenie Lazarja (op. 34 nro 6)
Dissonans (op. 34 nro 13)

SOPRANO VARVARA MERRAS-HÄYRYNEN and pianist Joel Papinoja open doors towards the Slavic Orthodox culture as interpreted in art music. The concert includes songs by Sergei Rachmaninov which set lyrics by Russian poets, inspired especially by sacred themes, with Einojuhani Rautavaara’s piano work Ikonit (Icons) as a contrast. Merras-Häyrynen has a close relationship with Slavic Orthodox culture both through her Russian ancestors and her daily work as a church musician in the Uspensky cathedral.

Admission free, programme 10 €

In collaboration with: The Parish of Meilahti

Varvara Merras-Häyrynen

Joel Papinoja
The work with them was exciting and efficient. They have a particular ability to adapt themselves to a different sound and aesthetic conception. Their flexibility and enthusiasm gave me the the possibility to work in-depth because of the individual human, vocal and musical qualities of each singer.
Dominique Vellard,
choral conductor
and singer