Chamber Concert: Jewels of the Middle Ages

Fri 27 Feb 2015 7.00 pm
St Thomas’ Church, Helsinki (Pihlajatie 16)


Innocentius III (c. 1200) Veni Sancte
Hildegard von Bingen
O viridissima virga­
Anonymous Spanish
(14th century)­
Stella splendens­
O virgo splendens
From the collection
Cantigas de Santa Maria
(c. 13th century)­
Santa Maria, strela do dia­
From the collection
Carmina Burana
(c. 13th century)­
Planctus ante nescia­
Guillaume Dufay
(c. 1400–1474)­
Alma redemptoris Mater­
Jacob de Senleches
(c. 1355–?)­
La harpe de mellodie­
Francesco Landini
(c. 1325–1397)­
Amor, in te spera­
Paolo da Firenze
(1355 – c. 1436)­
Lena virtú­
Un pellegrin uccel
Francesco Landini­ L'alma mie piange­
Paolo da Firenze ­ La vaga luce­
Orlando di Lasso
In pace in idipsum­

Sufira, founded in 2014, is made up of three musicians: Sofia Lindroos (soprano and recorder), Eira Karlson (mezzo and vielle) and Susanna Tollet (alto and recorder). Sufira performs music from 11th-century Gregorian chant to 16th-century Renaissance music. Sacred and secular music meet in a programme that also includes songs from the collections Carmina Burana and Cantigas de Santa Maria.

Admission free, programme 10€

In collaboration with: The Parish of Meilahti
Sufira: Sofia Lindroos, Eira Karlson & Susanna Tollet
The perfect interpretations of these works show Rautavaara as the master of postmodern vocal music.
CD review on
True and False Unicorn,
Musik und Theater, Switzerland