Echoes of Heaven and Earth

Sat 16 February 2013
Sibelius Academy Concert Hall
Pohjoinen rautatiekatu 9, Helsinki

Helsinki Chamber Choir
Antti Suoranta, percussion
Anna Kuvaja, piano
Markus Kärki, Timothy Page and Anders Pohjola, electronics
Nils Schweckendiek, conductor

Guo Wenjing Echoes of Heaven and Earth
Timothy Page Between Hell and Earth
(HCC commission, first performance)

Atsuhiko Gondai Agnus Dei / Anus Mundi I - Tenebrae
­ Agnus Dei / Anus Mundi II­

Religion underpins the works in the Helsinki Chamber Choir’s contribution to Musica nova Helsinki. Guo Wenjing from China sets ancient Buddhist texts, while Timothy Page’s new piece is based on an episode from John Milton’s Christian epic Paradise Lost. The Japanese composer Atsuhiko Gondai connects the two worlds, exploring correspondences between Catholic church music and traditional Buddhist monastic chant.

Part of Musica nova Helsinki


15 € / concessions 10 €
We have several good orchestras in our country, but only because composers know the Finnish Radio Chamber Choir do they not hesitate to write radical, unusual, rhythmically and tonally demanding thoughts and innovations also in choral music.
Einojuhani Rautavaara,