Ung Nordisk Musik Festival: Extreme Waiting Lounge

Sat 5 Sep 2015 2.00 pm
Almi Hall, Finnish National Opera, Helsinki

Helsingin kamarikuoro *
Uusinta Ensemble

Ricardo Eizirik music while waiting / music
while working (2014) *
Jens Peter Møller Trip Hazards­
Peter Steinholt Mortensen­ Andre Försteintrykk­
Mark Andre­ durch­
Øyvind Mæland­ Étude-Rallentissante­

Three performers from the Helsinki Chamber Choir join the Uusinta Ensemble for a performance at a festival that focuses on the most interesting music from Nordic composers of the younger generation.

Admission is free.

In collaboration with: Ung Nordisk Musik

I can truly say from my experience of working with many professional choirs that this choir belongs to the top.
Peter Dijkstra,
choral conductor