Chamber Concert: Lamentatio

Thu 1 Oct 2015 7.00 pm­
St Thomas' Church, Helsinki

David Hackston, countertenor
The English Vocal Consort of Helsinki
Kaisa Ruotsalainen, violin
Anna Pohjola, violin
Martti Laivuori, cello
Mikko Ikäheimo, lute and theorbo
Mirjam Kyrönseppä, organ

Christopher Tye
Anon. Portuguese
(16th century­)
Lectio I­­
Thomas Campion
Author of Light­
J. S. Bach­

(from Violin Sonata No.3)
Anon. Portuguese
(16th century­)­
Lectio II­
John Dowland­ Flow my tears­
Alessandro Stradella­ Io per me non cangierei­
Christopher Tye
Interlude: Rachel’s Weepinge
Anon. Portuguese
(16th century­)­­
Lectio II­I­
William Byrd­ Ye sacred muses­
J. S. Bach­­

(from Cello Suite No. 5)­
Anon. Portuguese

Portuguese polyphony experienced something of a 'golden age' during the 16th century, and the Monastery of Santa Cruz de Coimbra was a thriving centre for this music. The monastery was home to a busy musical culture; the monks were all skilled singers, organists, instrumentalists and composers. The vast collections of surviving manuscripts held at the monastery contain volumes of music, both sacred polyphony and secular madrigals.

In this concert the English Vocal Consort of Helsinki will perform a setting of the Lamentations of Jeremiah by an anonymous monk from Santa Cruz de Coimbra. In all probability, this will be the first performance of the work in over 400 years. Between the Lamentations, in lieu of traditional responsories, countertenor David Hackston will perform quasi-religious songs that illuminate the sentiment of Holy Week. The concert thus presents fresh perspectives on the Easter tradition of the Tenebrae mass.

Admission free, programme 10€

In collaboration with: The Parish of Meilahti

The 23-strong Finnish chorus was an unbeatable exponent of this piece [Rautavaara's Vigilia], showing not only their technical discipline but also a breathtaking range of sonorities.
Rian Evans,
The Guardian, London